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A Brief History of Valley Christian Church

     In 1988 the Christian Church of Security looked south and saw the need for a new congregation to serve the growing communities in the Fountain Valley.  And so, Valley Christian Church was born, beginning as a neighborhood Bible study, meeting evenings in the Countryside sales office.  Soon, the new, growing congregation began holding regular Sunday worship at Jordahl Elementary and later, at the community center building in downtown Fountain.  In 1990, we built our current building and moved to Link Road.

     As is the pattern in the New Testament, Valley Christian is an autonomous congregation, led by a group of elders/shepherds who oversee, protect, strengthen and nourish the body of believers here.

     Our effort is to be a simple New Testament church – with no creed but Christ, no book but the Bible, no law but love.You will find us to be a place of warm welcome, a people faithful in prayer; devoted to the fellowship of believers, seeking to serve those in need and eager to tell the good news about Jesus. 

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