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I'm New

Welcome to Valley Christian Church

Finding a new church can be overwhelming. We hope to make that search a pleasant one. As you experience Valley, you will find that we are committed to honoring God, and loving one another. The greatest part of Valley is the loving family (congregation) who are committed to Christ and each other.

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What to Expect

The Word of God is the center of our time of worship together. We go verse-by-verse, with historical cultural context. Our music is a mixture of old hymns and new songs as well.

We also have Sunday school classes for the whole family. Beginning at 9 am for adults, with Middle and High Schoolers meeting in another room.


Younger children will meet during service, if you wish them to do so. 

Our nursery is available from 10 am until the end of service (typically 11:30-11:45am).

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